The Warrior

The Warrior

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cay By chilloutmannn Updated Mar 24

Jessica grew up as a fighter. Her family gave her way to people who would raise her to be heartless. 


She didn't know how much this effected her until she shifted three years earlier than she was supposed to. What they did to her destroyed her wolf. The wolf was angry, it wanted revenge. The day of her first shift 27 people were killed. The blood, on Jessica's hands.

That was the night her old Alpha, from Dark Waters, decided Jessica would never shift again. He injected Wolfsbane into her blood stream and when Jessica shifted back into human he put a silver anklet on her, so it would be impossible for her to shift even without the Wolfsbane. Now every morning when she wakes someone pins her down to inject more Wolfsbane into her.

If it was Jessica's choice, she would be dead. What she had done should have been punished by death. What she is should be punished by death. 
She lives her life as a zoo animal. No control with her captors, no control and nowhere to go without them.

Alpha Alexander was raised with the belief that mates come easy. You meet them and you fall in love. It's been six year sense he was supposed to find his mate. He believes his mate is dead, that he'll never find her. Until, he travels to Dark Waters' land and a particular girl stands out to him

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NightHuntress0103 NightHuntress0103 Jan 03, 2017
New Years resolution for me would be to teach myself guitar and write a book for readers on wattpad!!!😊😜😁
FryManiac FryManiac Jan 04, 2017
My New Year's resolution is to get in as many societies in school and to continue to get new grades. Besides that, I really like your story so far.