The Woods ✔

The Woods ✔

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Amaranthine98 By Amaranthine98 Completed

After losing everything, Caden stumbles into the territory of a lion pride. But not any lion pride, it's Ajax' pride. 

Ajax is a typical alpha male: cocky, overly confident and when he wants something he does everything to get it. And as soon as he sets his eyes on Caden, he knows that he has to have him. But Caden isn't fond of being owned and doesn't hesitate to use his claws. After all, he's a cougar and cougars tend to keep to themselves. 

Don't they?

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2nd time reading this awesome book, super excited! ❤️😊
That would be in the woods making friends with animals that barely understand you and vise versa
Katkakbis Katkakbis May 16
He said desperate little raccoon and I swore he was talking about me
KaylaB99 KaylaB99 Jun 23
My dumb self would have just picked him up and held him without a second thought.
Horror movies it could be a murder, serial killer and a crazy BOII
Ms_Keesha Ms_Keesha Aug 19
After reading the description: 
                              “He got Ajax from the dish soap. HAHA”