The Woods

The Woods

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Amaranthine98 By Amaranthine98 Updated 7 days ago

After losing everything, Caden stumbles into the territory of a lion pride. But not any lion pride, it's Ajax' pride. 

Ajax is a typical alpha male: cocky, overly confident and when he wants something he does everything to get it. And as soon as he sets his eyes on Caden, he knows that he has to have him. But Caden isn't fond of being owned and doesn't hesitate to use his claws. After all, he's a cougar and cougars tend to keep to themselves. 

Don't they?

So after you convinced me to make an accout, I finally found time to read. Good first chapter, I'll try to read as much as i can in one go and text you about it :P
Yay books! I'm a major bibliophiliac. I don't finish books as quickly as others but i still love to read. I finish books either every three or four days. Possibly five if it's a big book
06david 06david Oct 30
God I'm so excited to read the book. Prologue is well written. It gives us the insight of the book and what's to come but doesn't tell much. Well that's the beauty of a story starter.. eeeeehhhh. I'm so gonna read it.wishes to the
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