The Sui Riu | Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic

The Sui Riu | Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic

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• Winnie • By windiflur Updated Nov 26

Sui Riu. A girl who has full control over water...She is known as the Goddess of Rain or the Rain Dragon. But besides being a goddess, she is also known as someone we protected King Hiryuu along side Abi, Shu-ten, Gu-en and Zeno. Protecting the ones she cared for was all she wanted. The king and the dragon warriors were practically her family. They cared and loved her and she would do the same,they all meant the world to her. 

But when the tragic day came, was when everything changed. The way she lived, the way she thought about herself-- She had basically started to fall apart...

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Sounds interesting. I am looking forward to the future chapters.
I just noticed that Zeno is immortal and still the first generation of the Yellow dragon..
I hope for more! It sounds really interesting and such, so Yea.
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 13
What about the white dragon kija. 
desiredbe desiredbe Oct 28
I love how tall she is! I never usually see a tall OC :D I'm excited to read more!
Poor, poor Zeno. Why was fate so cruel. T~T . Secret onion ninja, stop chopping the onions so close to me. 😢😢😢