Losing The V-Card •JB•

Losing The V-Card •JB•

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Bizzlesgf0 By bizzlesgf0 Updated Aug 13, 2017

Aria Peterson is a college girl who wants desperately to lose her virginity. She literally has tried anything to achieve that. Dates, dates, dates and guess what? More dates. But she hasn't found the one yet. The one who knows what he is doing and can have a normal chat outside of the bedroom too. 

That's until she meets the infamous Justin Bieber and her whole world gets shook. Literally. 

He rocks her whole world with his skilled tongue and fingers until she experiences the real thing.  She stops caring about everything and everyone. The only thing mattering is him. 

Does he feel the same way? 

***Contains Mature content***

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bieber0606 bieber0606 Aug 26, 2017
oooooooo ok i guess we are skipping the lollygaggin and jumpin straight into the good stuff 💦🍑🍆
Safaras101 Safaras101 Aug 02, 2017
Worlds best pick up - 1. Chuck a football into her head. 2. Take her home. 3. **** her brains out. 4. (if you're interested in round two) find out her name.
Ginailiadis Ginailiadis Sep 06, 2017
They're making this whole "losing her virginity" thing, sound like a top secret business deal.
StilesBizzel StilesBizzel Jul 21, 2017
In any other situation this could be on one of those murder shows or considered kidnapping. I mean she didn't really say she wanted to go to the hospital(No one wants to really) but still you know what I'm saying lol😂😂
StilesBizzel StilesBizzel Jul 21, 2017
They say when you're a virgin and have hormones and can use them anytime you want(young adults mostly) they will make you go crazy when you get some😂🤔
StilesBizzel StilesBizzel Jul 21, 2017
Okay but you want her to go without a bra? Dude that's not comfy at all! 😂