Kidnaped by my alpha mate

Kidnaped by my alpha mate

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Maylee_ By Maylee_ Updated Jun 08, 2017

Samantha is on her way back home but gets kidnaped by the beta and alpha also know as Jackson and Jason. She is brought back to the 'hell hole' is what she likes to call a pack house because of course she is rouge. She try's to run away but gets stopped by hunters that have been tracking her down science 14 and she is now 18. Let's see if she gets caught by the hunters, will she run from her mate to protect him and his pack or dose she just not want a mate? 

Samantha also goes by Sam. She is a red wolf her wolfs name is Lila she is a rouge she had always been a rouge since her parents  and siblings died at the age 5 they a Were killed in front of her and her aunt died after taking care of her for a year she supposedly has no one. No family, 1 friend that has been out and around yet to appear again. 

Jackson also goes by jacks. He is a black wolf he is the alpha of blood moon pack the strongest pack in America. He took on the roll of alpha at the age 17 because his father was killed in a battle and his mom is still up and around in the pack almost acting like a Luna. Jacks has been looking for his mate for years and years he is now 20 and you get your mate at age 17. When he finds his mate and she runs from him he is pained because he finally found his mate but she dose not want to be there.

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san_aahh san_aahh Sep 15, 2016
really loved the concept but i think a little spacing between para's would be great!
MontiBurger MontiBurger Sep 15, 2016
It really good , but you might want to proof read it there are a few mistakes.
tarab1849 tarab1849 Oct 06, 2016
Did i hear you wince oohhh wow he can hear a person wince LMFAO
AudreyJulietSchneide AudreyJulietSchneide Nov 08, 2016
That does not mean son of a bītch... Most French speaking people (at least here in Canada ) say son of a bītch
annalux annalux Sep 24, 2016
I love your story😱❤keep up the hard work!! Could you please read mine
Fallen_Smile Fallen_Smile Nov 08, 2016
I swear she is in my head. This is how i feel when I can't wake up