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Red Hair, Black Soul

Red Hair, Black Soul

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Lucie By MsSarcasual Completed

Throwing someone down the stairs on your first day at new school is not a good way to go. 

Still, this is exactly what Ada Dearg does. Angry, socially awkward and most likely depressed, she begins her senior year in Michigan, US with a spectacular act of violence, - completely unintended, - but an act of violence nonetheless. After this day, all she wants is to never see Jed Hall again. He, however, has different plans. 

For over a year, no one has been able to make Ada smile. Not her parents, not her brother, not her therapist. Not after they had forced her to leave Scotland and come to live in what she thinks to be a land of baseball and McDonald's (neither of which she likes). Despite all of these, Jed is determined to make Ada's facial muscles work. Even if it costs him a coffee-soaked shirt and a very bruised cheek. 

For so long, Ada thought she was no longer prone to anyone's charms. This time, however, she just might be proven wrong.

"Somehow, I manage to find the staircase and throw myself down the stairs. I dig up my phone to check the time and see how bad it is. The phone flies out of my grasp and falls down the stairs when I collide with something. My forehead hurts from the impact and I instinctively rub it, checking what I've just bumped into. What I see makes my heart stop, then pick up beating even faster than it already has been. 

A guy is falling down the stairs. And by falling I mean falling, like stumbling backwards and rushing toward the ground. I let out a little yelp and cover my mouth with my palms when he hits the floor on his back at the bottom of the stairs. For a second I'm shocked, standing in place and staring at him like a moron. And then I run."

I really hate when people tell you to fit in. I'm like, why fit in if you can stand out?
Ohh finally a vegetarian character, I am loving this because I can relate ❤️❤️
mermaidqueen1436 mermaidqueen1436 Sep 22, 2016
Lol I'm a corns flakes kinda gal but lucky charms r okay lol
Gowbridge Gowbridge Jan 13
I want to be a red head,      I'll be one step closer to being like the Weasley family
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 Sep 29, 2016
I am so so so so so so so sorry but i read pronounced her name as sorry can someone plz tell me how to pronounce her name?
Abby_Noelle Abby_Noelle Sep 23, 2016
I love the title of this story! i hope you don't mind but could you maybe check out my book if you have the time?