Red Hair, Black Soul (Red & Black #1)

Red Hair, Black Soul (Red & Black #1)

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Lucie By MsSarcasual Completed

About a year ago, Ada's life was ruined. 

She never wanted to live her American Dream, yet that's what she's forced to do due to her parents' decision to leave Scotland and move to Michigan, U.S. Starting a new life in the world of baseball, hamburgers, and cowboys, she is not overly thrilled to enjoy it. Her lack of enthusiasm quickly ends with regular visits to a therapist and a woeful depression. Everyone becomes her enemy - her parents, her brother, people in general. 

Throwing a boy down the stairs on her first day of school doesn't exactly help her situation.

But things change when said boy sets himself a mission of redeeming this mysterious, red-headed girl. With his disheveled hair and glasses, Jed takes upon himself the task of making Ada smile. The only question is: will he be able to tug her up into the sky, or will she be the one to drag him down?

shan_kayle shan_kayle Mar 18
Sometimes I wanna have what Vampires have on TVD. Switching off humanity.
shan_kayle shan_kayle Mar 18
I saw a meme that said "I dont pity animals just because Im vegetarian. Its because I hate plants" I laughed so hard 😂
I really hate when people tell you to fit in. I'm like, why fit in if you can stand out?
Ohh finally a vegetarian character, I am loving this because I can relate ❤️❤️
I want to be a red head,      I'll be one step closer to being like the Weasley family
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 Sep 29, 2016
I am so so so so so so so sorry but i read pronounced her name as sorry can someone plz tell me how to pronounce her name?