The King Without A Queen

The King Without A Queen

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[#6 in werewolf]

They say he was cursed.
They say he had lived for more than thousand of years and had never once loved anyone.
They say he hated humans.


Phoebe grew up listening to this old tale. 

And now that she was back in her hometown, she realized that the old tale she listened to was very much true.

There were supernatural creatures living among her.

And the alpha of the deadliest wanted her.

They say she was his mate.



Cover by: @A-BookieMonster

  • alpha
  • attraction
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • supernatural
  • trust
  • werewolf
McPdk4 McPdk4 May 21
Change the cover page plz replace it with nick bateman picture then that would be so niceeeee
I have a friend name phoebe😐😐😐😐😁😁😁😁😁
celesta3004 celesta3004 Sep 24
Did no one think this girl would be mated to the deadliest alpha in the world and her name is “phoebe”?😂
Me my friends literally have to slap me or kick me to get me to stop but sometimes not even that works
U know when parents are like
                              “Older and wiser” or something to that effect and ur like
                              “Exactly! You’re wiser so you should understand I’ll do it anyway!
asher0404 asher0404 Oct 12
Watch her dad be a werewolf, and she'll be half human half werewolf