Copy Cat

Copy Cat

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AngelPhilBean By AngelPhilBean Completed

Everyone has a shadow. They never think twice about it. 

and me? I've always had two. 

A story where Phil loves to stand out and be unique, but dan always copies him.

Sometimes.. I just forget about that and hide from the world till I think its safe. I don't like the real world..
Im eating lunch. I was gonna bang my head on the table but, I hit my apple!😆🍎
I actually pranked my friend that was a boy. His gf told me a bunch of stuff about him and we creeped him out
HE CAN READ YOUR MIND *making strange noises trying to sound kinda spooky*
swear2god swear2god Jan 24
Phil. No. That's not how you deal with this situation. That is just rude. No.
FaithBerg FaithBerg Jan 21
Because he the best ever and he has a whole fandom that would copy him for anything