Come Back to Us

Come Back to Us

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zzz By 1255am Updated Oct 15

He focuses on the sounds around him, the soft buzz of the occasional car passing by him. The slush of tires skimming over puddles of rainwater. His senses should be sharpened, be more aware to the world around him, but it all just dulls in comparison to his thoughts. He doesn't care any more.

And that's when he hears it. 

"Come back to us, Tyler."

(I'm really proud of this one, please give it a chance.)

You know it's a good book when you get goosebumps from just reading
Kaiitoka Kaiitoka Sep 11
I just came back from a dramatic Peterick fic (my very first) and now I'm here.
                              Keep writing. Keep making me cry. ♡
Sobbing is always better when you do it with your girlfriend <3
Ooooh this is gonna mess me up and leave me in tears I am READY
milkjosh milkjosh Sep 19
this is so, unbelievably gorgeous, but I'm just scared it will trigger me. I'll vote for all the chapters, though, this is pure art. you're so talented. I love you.
regionaI regionaI Sep 10
im excited!!! it sounds really interesting and like its gonna be good!!!