Falling In Love With My Bully (Laurance x Reader)

Falling In Love With My Bully (Laurance x Reader)

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"Laurance, stop..." I squeeked covering my face with my hands as he kicked and punched me continuously. 

He suddenly stopped. You couldn't hear the punching or kicking anymore, my sobs were the only thing that could be heard in the empty hallway. I removed my hands from my face slowly looking up to him. I swear I saw a hint of guilt in his eye, but that quickly turned to menace.

He laughed. "Loser." He spat and started hurting me again. 

Five words, I absolutely HATE Laurance Zvahl.



Completed April 21 2017 3:11 pm ♥️

Bloodfountain5 Bloodfountain5 4 days ago
That moment you realize this book just turned into a Laurence x Reader alternate universe
SparkleChase SparkleChase 7 days ago
My mom turns on the light in my room and keeps saying my name until I'm up
ThereseDacpano ThereseDacpano 6 days ago
Oooooh! Only the first part and he already called her "sweetheart"!!
alex92949 alex92949 Jul 31
I wake up on my own will at 5am ever morning :3 im a early bird
God Has a Pencil
                              Angie has a highlighter
                              God drew the world
                              Angie made it brighter
                              AND ROSE KILLED GARROTH
Yoosung_ Yoosung_ Aug 06
I was just about to say
                              No Garroth should be kissing Laurance 
                              The I realised 
                              THIS IS LAURANCE X READER