Silver and Red

Silver and Red

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Himlata By Himlata Updated 7 days ago

Valerie  is the typical werewolf.  She  never really wanted a mate . She disgusts when people touches her  like that. Never been touched and never planned on it to happen. She just thinks that the time for a partner or mate is simply not ready. She is just scared to lose her virtue, it is one thing she can keep without it being taken by force. Apparently she wants to single and pure.  She is a strong wolf so setting her rules down wasn't that hard. Valerie is exquisite beauty, her long silver , blonde hair attracts attention at first sight. No special rank in the pack but a normal wolf.

Killian is the alpha that kills without remorse. His pack is the most powerful of them all. Every single one of them are strong warriors.  He is of course the great ,big strong leader who don't cares about feelings or a mate at all. He believes that mates are weakness, they can be use as  leverage . He protects his pack at any  hand, it is his job and that is what comes first. He is of course well built from all the training but some girls just think it is natural and drops their panties for him. 

This ruthless alpha sees mates as weakness while this she wolf don't want a mate and touchy feelings. How in the world  are babies suppose to born?

rocketor rocketor Oct 15
I have to admit it's intriguing at the least keep it up!👍
Rouges rnt all bad just some of them that have gone crazy after not being accepted into a pack
Hahhaha . Dear author how do you know my personal business whenever I'm locked away in my from 🤔?
Horny people make sex important, I personally can go long periods of time without so yah.
If he has all that he's probably a narsasiatic son of a bish
koalabear1738 koalabear1738 21 hours ago
this is good. one of my friends is gay. he is a great person, and so funny too