My Abusive Boyfriend [Harry Styles]

My Abusive Boyfriend [Harry Styles]

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♥girlatsea♥ By girlatsea Updated Nov 27, 2013

My Abusive Boyfriend [Harry Styles]



 Elizabeth thought she was a lucky girl; having Harry Styles as her boyfriend and all. That all changed after one night, that one night where it all started.


LOL. Such a short description! But the one night flashback will be the first chapter!

I hope I will be updating this D: Probably not, I got like 3 other fanfictions that need updating, along with reading the fanfictions I've been obsessed with - which you can see which ones they are in the first chapter of my FF, Pretending To Be A Fangirl.

Also, I got school and homework and craaaaap. 

Loves ya loads :) 

(Will be updating first chapter tomorrow, lervs.)

    Taters_Gonna_Tate Taters_Gonna_Tate Jun 24, 2016
    Oh hell nah see harry you're a beautiful beautiful boy but if you hit me it's on! I'll leave you for evan peters! XD
    rowan_the_potato rowan_the_potato Nov 14, 2016
    I will tell anne harry so cut the act you little piece of muffin
    ZhaaliLov10 ZhaaliLov10 Jul 07, 2016
    HELL NAH!!!! girl you good , I would have went SAVAGE ON HIS ASSS!!!!
    Taters_Gonna_Tate Taters_Gonna_Tate Jun 24, 2016
    Uh you're in a super famous boy band and you're telling me you have no servants xD uh okay?
    Bitch I told you not to use his credit card! youre a gonner bro #rip 😢💯