The Seventh Miracle (KNB Fanfic)

The Seventh Miracle (KNB Fanfic)

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Naomi Lee (pen name) By Crazy_Otaku_55 Completed

Winter Cup is over and Seirin won.They are now champions in Japan.
But, what will happen when Riko gets an invitation on World Cup? Will they be prepared to win against other countries? 
Will mysterious new girl help them win World Cup? Better question is, how does Kuroko and other members of Generation of Miracles knows her? 
Who is she excatly? 

WARNING: Spoilers

(I do not own Kuroko no Basket characters. Btw sorry for my bad english xD)

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Jinx_TheLooseCannon Jinx_TheLooseCannon Dec 20, 2017
I just love his comments and actions to everything Kise does