Broken Memories → Carl Grimes

Broken Memories → Carl Grimes

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"I remember now."

"You remember what?"

"I remember what it means to be happy again."

◕ ◔

Skye Roberts was only 15 when she lost all she had to the apocalypse. Her parents, her best friend, herself, and all she remembered from the past. Her purpose seemed to be gone and Skye was corrupted from the memories.

She was alone, lost, fearful, and scared of continuing on in such a harsh reality by herself. How could she keep going when all she cared for was lost? What was the point to continue?

Close to her breaking point, Skye accidentally runs into Carl Grimes, a blue-eyed sheriff who will change her for the better. After warming up to her new friend, Carl shows her hope, even when the worst things have fallen amongst her new group. 

He reminds her that even though her past is broken, she can still have joy and hope for the future. She just had to keep going, one step at a time.

(Season 4 - ? )

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