iris ⚣ kth+jjk

iris ⚣ kth+jjk

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ÞэřךּэċŧľỶ їmÞэřךּэċŧ By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

❝i could've sworn your eyes were purple a second ago❞

❝hmmm, and what do you see now?❞


❝fascinating, isn't it?❞

❝stunning i'd say❞

❝i was being sarcastic❞

❝and i was not❞

|lowercase intended|

start : 4/9/16

end : 24/10/16

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Namjoons_Hearteu Namjoons_Hearteu 2 days ago
He put on contacts to make them brown im guessing. Because the blue hints to something supernatural.
Galileo got killed cause he said the Earth is round. So I see what you mean.
Hi class, so today we are gonna talk abt a very sensitive subject thst is: contacts. Not that type of contacts, you little pervert bitches, but contacts for your eyes. 
                              Are contacts better than glasses, you got 4hours.
PaulaHammie PaulaHammie Jan 28
yeah idk i love your fics so im gonna read this and it seems rlly interesting so
And here comes, daddy jungkook, twerking 
                              Dont ask me why he is twerking
PaulaHammie PaulaHammie Jan 28
^nvm i thought i was being original but someone already commented that forget it