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iris ⚣ kth+jjk

iris ⚣ kth+jjk

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ÞэřךּэċŧľỶ їmÞэřךּэċŧ By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

❝i could've sworn your eyes were purple a second ago❞

❝hmmm, and what do you see now?❞


❝fascinating, isn't it?❞

❝stunning i'd say❞

❝i was being sarcastic❞

❝and i was not❞

|lowercase intended|

start : 4/9/16

end : 24/10/16

-mintjeon -mintjeon Apr 09
I know it's just a saying but how are you gonna put contacts in your eyes if they are close?
-mintjeon -mintjeon Apr 09
I wish I could use contacts, but my parents think contacts are a heavy responsibility and I'm too careless
-mintjeon -mintjeon Apr 09
I feel you Tae, people who don't appreciate history, don't know what they're missing
                              it's such a pity most people thing it's boring
I read "then they were born" and was about to comment "them who? or them what were born?" ISTG IM SO STUPIC
kimfires kimfires May 16
Literally everyone in my school thinks I wear coloured contacts because one of my eyes is green and the other's blue- it takes me so long to explain it's a real thing that sometimes I just tell people I'm wearing contacts lol
RedTiger404 RedTiger404 5 days ago
Once you start studying serious history, it's the most interesting thing ever