iris ⚣ kth+jjk

iris ⚣ kth+jjk

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ÞэřךּэċŧľỶ їmÞэřךּэċŧ By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

❝i could've sworn your eyes were purple a second ago❞

❝hmmm, and what do you see now?❞


❝fascinating, isn't it?❞

❝stunning i'd say❞

❝i was being sarcastic❞

❝and i was not❞

|lowercase intended|

start : 4/9/16

end : 24/10/16

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taegguhks taegguhks Oct 31
even when he does faces to make himself ugly and funny at the same time we love him more for it and adore him he can never look ugly
so_grey so_grey Nov 06
Its so true .we blame others saying that they judge people but at the same time aren't we judging them..
seokjinnied seokjinnied 2 days ago
"How to put contacts on your eye with your eyes closed" by Kim Taehyung
                              Step One: Be Kim Taehyung
                              Step Two: Cry
                              Step Three: Hope to be born as Kim Taehyung in the next life
SyubieYoongi SyubieYoongi Sep 30, 2016
pls just put warning to the chapters that may have theseeee i really want to continue this
futuristic_geek futuristic_geek Nov 13, 2016
Omg I love when stories have any type of supernatural plot with abilities. I'm a giant geek XD. But it's like I like the peaceful kind of abilities like elements, mind control, telepathy etc. Or having wings to fly. Majestic stuff XD. 
                              All about the aesthetic llololol