Iris [Taekook]

Iris [Taekook]

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.ayo waddup — By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

„i could've sworn your eyes were purple a second ago"

„hmmm, and what do you see now?"


„fascinating, isn't it?"

„stunning i'd say"

„i was being sarcastic"

„and i was not"

|lowercase intended|

start : 4/9/16

end : 24/10/16

SyubieYoongi SyubieYoongi Sep 30, 2016
pls just put warning to the chapters that may have theseeee i really want to continue this
AlizaKazmixxx AlizaKazmixxx Sep 16, 2016
Wow this is a really good starter to a book. Build up curiosity and everything. Very very good
Gay_Emo_Trash_1268 Gay_Emo_Trash_1268 Nov 25, 2016
This is really pretty and descriptive and it's just awesome and I've only read this one part
futuristic_geek futuristic_geek Nov 13, 2016
Omg I love when stories have any type of supernatural plot with abilities. I'm a giant geek XD. But it's like I like the peaceful kind of abilities like elements, mind control, telepathy etc. Or having wings to fly. Majestic stuff XD. 
                              All about the aesthetic llololol