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Loops {707 x Reader}

Loops {707 x Reader}

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~Jessica Hadi~ By JessicaHadi Updated Mar 09

Y/N and Seven have been bestfriends ever since they were little, yes childhood friends. 

Y/N was homeless, so she was in an orphanage and played with Saeyoung when they went to church. 

Saeyoung has never introduced Saeran to Y/N, so she doesn't even know if Saeyoung even has a twin. 

But one day, Saeyoung dissapeared. Much to his brother's hatred. 

Saeyoung was never found and was dead. The only who is alive is 707 the hacker, unknown to the public world but the RFA members and Saeran. 

Loops is just like the game! Like the 707 theory! If you don't know, google it or finish the game completely!!

Cover made by: @allaboutthatleo 


She looks okay, but she's really ugly because the outside doesn't matter. It's what on the inside. Since she's snobby and mean she's disgustingly ugly. And this counts for bullies too.
........ *giggles*..... *laughs insanely* *tilts head to the side* Do you think. You can take MY Saeyoung away from me? Think again sweetie~ Cause I won't let you have him~
*hiding my axe behind my back* I got a presnt for you Iruka-Chan~ It's called Death~
You wanna go bitch? I'm a Demon princess so I can tear YOUR pathetic self to pieces less then a second~
Good~ Because you wouldn't want her to be dead just yet now would you~? *smiles sickenly sweet*
I'm the only one that smiles devilishly and makes people's skin crawl around here since I'm made of every single living thing's nightmares and fears. Not you Iruka-Chan.