Loops {707 x Reader}

Loops {707 x Reader}

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~Hasemeleh~ By JessicaHadi Updated 6 hours ago

Y/N and Seven have been bestfriends ever since they were little, yes childhood friends. 

Y/N was homeless, so she was in an orphanage and played with Saeyoung when they went to church. 

Saeyoung has never introduced Saeran to Y/N, so she doesn't even know if Saeyoung even has a twin. 

But one day, Saeyoung dissapeared. Much to his brother's hatred. 

Saeyoung was never found and was dead. The only who is alive is 707 the hacker, unknown to the public world but the RFA members and Saeran. 

Loops is just like the game! Like the 707 theory! If you don't know, google it or finish the game completely!!

Cover made by: @allaboutthatleo 


arisgeekchic arisgeekchic 3 days ago
multifandomblitz multifandomblitz 5 days ago
                              What a disappointment, I thought it would the Death Angel...
multifandomblitz multifandomblitz 4 days ago
When I first started reading the paragraph: awww! She's quite talented and nice!
                              When I ended the paragraph: BITCH GET YO DIRTY MUDBLOOD HANDS OF MAI MAN'S BROTHER! (Cuz Saeran is my bæ)
monstershu monstershu Sep 07, 2016
I haven't played Seven's route but i am already in love with him
kitkat_179612 kitkat_179612 2 days ago
I thought Mystic Messenger was Korean . . ? Eh, maybe it just the family that is Japanese
amberjinxoxo amberjinxoxo Sep 20, 2016
I was looking if someone made a fanfic of MM and now I FINALLY ONE!!
                              THX U THX U THX U