Undertale sins/fluff

Undertale sins/fluff

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Occulttale By Magyka13 Updated Oct 23, 2016

just a random dump book for all of my smutty to fluffy head cannons

undertale belongs to Toby Fox
any undertale au's belong to their creators
Geno, Error and Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies
Ink belongs to @comyet/@myebi
(I'll add more later as my memory is a failure)

Any characterizations of the characters are not cannon behavior for them. Fannon stuff.

My OC:*goes to Dreamtale*Heya Nightmare. What's with that look?
                              Nightmare: Not telling
Omg omg info love this ship I'm so glad u wrote it I never find these
Magyka13 Magyka13 Sep 07, 2016
Blueberry: Undynes "anime" (its hentai don't tell papy. I'm older than I look and not so innocent he just wants to keep thinking I am.)