The Difference Between a Cat and a Comma (HP - Drarry)

The Difference Between a Cat and a Comma (HP - Drarry)

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Eighth year at Hogwarts is going to be boring. That's what Draco Malfoy thinks when the Wizengamot makes attendance a condition of his pardon. After all, after letting Death Eaters into the school, failing to kill his headmaster, and being forced to serve a homicidal madman, how could finishing up his education *possibly* be interesting?

Answer: a coveted Transfigurations advanced study position, Minerva Mcgonagall's surprising fondness for him, thestrals, tea with Hagrid, tutoring Harry Potter, Granger and Weasley's excessive PDA, and the perplexing nature of sleight-of-hand double-dates with Harry, Luna, and Ginny. And then, of course, there's righteously indignant (if misinformed) Weasley, Draco's own insecurities and flair for dramatics, and a long-suffering Kingsley Shacklebolt.

If I can work in tie-switching and Great Hall relationship reveal I will, because those are some of my very favorite tropes.

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doctorwhorox doctorwhorox Oct 07, 2017
Honestly, if every teacher was like McGonagall, students would feel a lot better about themselves about everything
Dootdootheart Dootdootheart Nov 25, 2017
I just realized that you've been saying weasel this whole time
DrarryMeetsScorbus DrarryMeetsScorbus Oct 13, 2017
I can’t go to Pigfarts, it’s on mars. Not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died
Drarryislife2468 Drarryislife2468 Dec 11, 2017
Im just imagining Draco skipping down the halls with a huge grin on his face
DrarryMeetsScorbus DrarryMeetsScorbus Oct 13, 2017
Omg I just realized something! Ginny Weasley might have possibly been named after McGonagall. Minevra->Ginevra
Animebomb2360 Animebomb2360 Nov 13, 2017
You would need a rocket ship. Do you have a rocketship, Potter?