Breaking Through Steel |On-Going|

Breaking Through Steel |On-Going|

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Philly Villain By hannaxoxo_ Updated Oct 23, 2017

Tala Kuvos is the twin sister to Tarik, who is the Eastland Pack Alpha. The thing is, she was first born. Tala has all the official birthright to become the true Alpha, but she is forced to be his Beta. She has to sit on the sidelines an watch her brother be a weak, and destructive alpha. No women is looked at like a leader. She cannot be the Queen she was destined to be. The power that runs through her veins can never shine because of her gender. Until, she makes a decision that saves every member of her packs life.

Steel Dimitriou is the new profound Alpha of the Denali Pack, covering all of Alaska, South Dakota, Washington, and Colorado. They conquer various packs, forcing them to submit their land and move elsewhere. He is the alpha to the biggest pack in the world. He's just as cold as his father was, and to him, power is everything. Until, he meets his mate, who instantly softens his exterior.

Having a mate wasn't something they thought about.

When the Denali Pack surges the Eastland Pack, demanding territory, there is only one thing that can keep that from happening. If Tala goes back to Denali with Steel.

Steel never thought he'd find his mate so soon, he'd just become Alpha a little under six months ago. When he finds Tala he has this urge to keep her safe, to make her happy, even if he does things to screw it up along the way. The only thing stopping him from taking her pack land is her. So a deal is made. If Tala becomes Luna to the Denali Pack, Eastland can keep their territory, and live in peace.

For the sake of her family and beloved pack members, she agrees. She moved across the country to be the Luna to a pack she is now determined to hate. She's stubborn, irrational, angry, thick headed, and not going down without a fight. 

Steel does everything he can to get Tala to accept him, but will she be able to overlook the fact that he took her from everything she's ever known?

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*Mild Language*

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