Rejected, heart broken and now a rouge (Completed)

Rejected, heart broken and now a rouge (Completed)

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(old cringe story from when I was like 11-12 y/o)

"i jake the sons alpha reject you stella an omega as a mate" with those words my heart broke and he walked off like it was nothing.

Stella is a 18 year old girl she is an omega lowest rank of her pack. her pack is moon-rise. she gets good grades and is normal other than the fact she is a werewolf . her wolf is named lilly. Stella stays in her room all the time watching anime, reading, studying, watching TV, lets just say her room is her life.

Jake is a 19 year old boy he is the alphas son and soon to be alpha at the age of 22. He is also in the moon-rise pack. He is the typical jock alongside his beta and 2nd in command (three musketeers?). They go out to parties and do normal things a jock would do. His wolf don't want a mate just like him (weird right) his wolf is named Dustin and dust for short. jake and dust only want sarah (jakes girlfriend) to be theirs. Jake and sarah have already agreed to reject both of their mates to be with one another.

  • alphas
  • heartbreak
  • hheartbroken
  • rejected
  • rouge
  • werewolf
kinagirl13 kinagirl13 May 11, 2017
Good idea for a story needs some editing and does sophia some how turn out to be the moon goddess
ChloeC1225 ChloeC1225 Aug 29, 2017
I dont wanna be rude but your description/storie is weird. A beta is a second command. When u said second command you ment A Gamma, a Third In Command
Inkpads Inkpads Jan 07
Remember how you said you would be strong?
                              Yh this feels more like " wow we were rejected"
                              "Wanna run away from our problems?"
                              "Hell yes"
LightHazil LightHazil Mar 10
did you ever think that all werwolf books thay all say Moon Goddest!?
I really like it not like all the other Rejected stories better so far
ruyawrites ruyawrites Jun 10, 2017
Ok before I start reading, seriously even his wolf doesnt want his mate? this is the first wolf who actually rejects... this might be interesting, maybe... let's see