Mystic Messenger Oneshots

Mystic Messenger Oneshots

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XFloralBaileyX By XFloralBaileyX Updated Mar 15

Lmao I'm still fairly new to doing Oneshots so forgive me if they aren't the best >.< 

Anyways, Oneshots about most MM boys will be here. If you'd like to request something feel free to in le first chapter :3

This book also includes headcanons👌🏻

Thx thx - Flora

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naoyasu naoyasu Oct 01, 2017
plus you're the dude who always care for me even in the other routes
naoyasu naoyasu Oct 01, 2017
i need to save this ive been saving some few memes the past days lmao my storage's almost full
Chara_Camilia Chara_Camilia Nov 02, 2017
I actually look like this...but with brown hair and no glasses...even though I wear glasses for fun sometimes. It helps boost my confidence! :D
Lolololol me talking to all my friends but I say "proud daddy" or "proud father "
Http-SourCactus Http-SourCactus Mar 08, 2017
Could you do a 707 x reader
                              Oh and the Mc and reader are separate beings who found the phone and apartment together thing is only the Mc has the reset and route power and both of them love 707 but Mc is on his route
Raven_RoMeave Raven_RoMeave Oct 08, 2016
"Can I get a 707 X reader where the reader is Jumins little sister and was Best friends with Rika more likes sisters and when Jumin meets up with 707 the Reader tags along"