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Mystic Messenger Oneshots

Mystic Messenger Oneshots

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XFloralBaileyX By XFloralBaileyX Updated Dec 28, 2016

Lmao I'm still fairly new to doing Oneshots so forgive me if they aren't the best >.< 

Anyways, Oneshots about most MM boys will be here. If you'd like to request something feel free to in le first chapter :33 

Thx thx - Flora

A_Bear_And_A_Box A_Bear_And_A_Box Dec 28, 2016
I was reading muscles 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I
                              So I read ---Time skip to when you watch the muscles because I'm running out
Haku_Fangirl Haku_Fangirl Dec 28, 2016
I would of choked on my cookie if I read it a second later, thanks ya know -.-
Raven_RoMeave Raven_RoMeave Oct 08, 2016
"Can I get a 707 X reader where the reader is Jumins little sister and was Best friends with Rika more likes sisters and when Jumin meets up with 707 the Reader tags along"
PickledPisces_13 PickledPisces_13 Dec 01, 2016
Can I request a VxReader? Readrr and V bump into each other at a coffee shop, sending Readers drink flying and landing on her. V apologizes profusely and you can and on from there! ^~^
xSkylaXDx xSkylaXDx Feb 20
ANYONE SHOULDNT FORGET ABOUT YOOSUNG 😂 seriously all he says in the start is "Rika,rika...RIKA!" LIKE OMFG IM NOT RIKA 😂
yannasoupidk yannasoupidk Nov 24, 2016
'Just how soft is Zens hair?'
                              normal, i totally ask myself that everyday