Shadow's Wild

Shadow's Wild

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Businessman Shadow the Hedgehog is a difficult and frustrating man to please. However, to make his recently dull lifestyle a bit more exciting, he decides to purchase an exotic pet. 

Said pet eventually comes in the form a rather intelligent creature, a South American beast known as a Wild by the name of Sonic. 

However, as more and more problems begin to heap up on the duo--a murder included-- could a question of who's actually in charge come into play before it's all said and done?

Find out in this latest Shades365 installment known as Shadow's Wild!!

EDIT: Completed; story is rendition of DBZ fanfic Deager: The Saiyajin's Pet on

Cover pic (c) the-little-skylark on Deviantart

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WeirdlyMemed WeirdlyMemed Oct 28, 2017
I LOVE this book, I just wanna know, are you able to draw out what the Wild's monster form is...? I mean, youre pretty descriptive, but I wanna see it in action. I mean, you dont have to do it right away, I just want to know if you wanna draw that or not. Thx!
MangoTeSilverCrasher MangoTeSilverCrasher Sep 04, 2016
"And here lies Vivian in Koreatown, awaiting another customer to enter her market that only sells socks!"
WarriorCourtney WarriorCourtney Feb 18, 2017
Omg I've only gotten through half of this chapter and I love it so much! It's very well written :) I can't wait to see where this idea goes
Night_Rain_03 Night_Rain_03 Sep 14, 2016
yesssss plz keep writing I'm loving it is a good story so far
BlueVampireAngel BlueVampireAngel Sep 04, 2016
Oh my! this story is amazing! Cant wait to read more! Love it!
                              I also hope you soon will continue 'merhog n nagas' ^^
shiarial shiarial Oct 01, 2016
*faints from fangirl attack*You have no.idea how I wanted to scream while reading this! It's nighttime here. Anyway,this is an AMAZING book. Love your style~! Its even better the that Alpha Sonadow book! Love it~!❤