The New Neko ≫ Riren ✔️

The New Neko ≫ Riren ✔️

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Mumkasa is Bestkasa By _LenaAckerman_ Completed



When Hanji brings home a new neko named Eren, Levi finds himself unable to resist the adorableness. Doesn't help that Levi is an Alpha neko and Eren is an Omega neko. 

Neko!Levi x Neko!Eren

【Contains smut, Levi's shitty humour,  fluff and mpreg and much more】

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Yup_Mhm_Totally Yup_Mhm_Totally Dec 02, 2017
I mean... If you think of your wife as the devil... Then, I guess you're just an average husband.
Bryah_Mohammed Bryah_Mohammed Nov 19, 2017
Don't judge, a math teacher wont understand. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!!!!!
YaoiBL101 YaoiBL101 Nov 08, 2017
Ok just to make this clear 
                              This is like my 10th time reading this 
                              Itsssssss soooooo gooddddddddddd
Black_Moon46 Black_Moon46 Aug 06, 2017
Hahahahaha!!!! Chocolate fish biscuits!! That's hilarious! Why am I laughing this hard?! How far in hell have I traveled???
KonekoChan475 KonekoChan475 Jul 29, 2017
I like to say ocean green not blue/green thank you very much
PikoXXV2 PikoXXV2 May 23, 2017
I'm dead. I think I've entered another part of hell that I shouldn't have entered. It's tooo cute!!!!