The New Neko ≫ Riren ✔️

The New Neko ≫ Riren ✔️

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Riren Trash By _LenaAckerman_ Completed



When Hanji brings home a new neko named Eren, Levi finds himself unable to resist the adorableness. Doesn't help that Levi is an Alpha neko and Eren is an Omega neko. 

Neko!Levi x Neko!Eren

【Contains smut, Levi's shitty humour,  fluff and mpreg and much more】

Oh Eren, you soon will learn how truly skilled the fingers of Levi are soon, when he's goin' knuckle deep in your åss. You'll be REALLY putting then. Maybe even screaming😏😏😏
Hahahahaha!!!! Chocolate fish biscuits!! That's hilarious! Why am I laughing this hard?! How far in hell have I traveled???
I like to say ocean green not blue/green thank you very much
                              i'm in love!!!!!
PikoXXV2 PikoXXV2 May 23
I'm dead. I think I've entered another part of hell that I shouldn't have entered. It's tooo cute!!!!
Yeah that's what your gonna be thinking when he sticks his fingers up you're ass hole Eren ;)