The Model & The School Girl (모델과 학교 소녀) || Eunkook

The Model & The School Girl (모델과 학교 소녀) || Eunkook

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Eunha or her real name, Jung Eunbi is a cold, clever girl but deep inside, she is a nice person. She didn't like to fangirling like other girl in her school.

She lived with her same age cousin, Yuju or her real name, Choi Yuna since she was 5 after her parents decide to stay at California. Yuju is a cheerful person. They attend the same school.

One day, Eunha's parents decide to marry her with their California's friend's son who is currently a top model in Korea. Eunha who is uninterested with boys accept their decision after thinking that she didn't want to be a big burden to Yuju's parents anymore.

How will Eunha's life will be after her marriage?

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