CEO's Mistress

CEO's Mistress

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Shedwigecka By ShenuC Updated Jun 17

"It's either me or her"
"Don't make me choose"
"Why not??!! All you do is play with my feelings. One moment your sweet and saying you have feelings for me the next your cold and act like I don't exist"
"You're overreacting Els"
"Hm! I hope you have a great life. I QUIT!!"

Elsa Arendelle, 24 year old. Single, poor and live an old apartment. She left her old town along with her family so she could finally move on from her horrible past and attend the best University Harvard. After getting her master's degree in business and accountant. Finding a job was the hardest part for her. 
When a new job comes in hand she quickly applies. But what was she getting herself into?

Jack Frost, single, arrogant cocky and the ladies man. 25 years old and still single. Every woman he've ever been with was with him for his money. So he shut out relationships instead he slept with every woman he find. He owns the biggest company in the country, and worldwide. And he was a hard, no love CEO

"My name is Els.."
"I don't care! Sit!"
"Why do you want this job?"

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There will be PG 13 contents

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Rebels_Riot Rebels_Riot Sep 10
Okay first of all rude
                              Second learn your goddamn manners
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Yeah it has come out now so don't you sorry about that stuff
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And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you
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I came here from the "Remember Me" book and I'm so glad I did cause honestly I am loving this story!
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Not to be rude but I think people should stop downgrading Samsung I think they are a very good company even though they copy sometimes