The Bad Boys Betrayal

The Bad Boys Betrayal

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Purplepeace By PurplePeace99 Updated Nov 21, 2017

*Sequel to TBBG*
*A part of the Bad boy series*
⚈Betrayal: Noun. The action of betraying one's trust, a group, or a person; treachery.⚈

Falling in love with a charming boy is every girls dream. But when do dreams become reality? 

For Thea she thought her dream was a reality. When really it was her worst nightmare dressed in a basketball uniform.

She thought because she had the boy of her dreams and that everything will be ok. Well that was until she was kidnapped. Everything around her is crashing down. Her past and present haunt her. She is put under the test to see how much it will take for her to crack.

While Thea is gone. Bella does everything in her power to find Thea. But with a charming boy that she is madly in love with, new neighbours and a crazy father. Will Bella be able to find Thea before time is up? 

Will Thea be strong enough to stay alive while her worst nightmares become reality? 
How will Thea and Bella handle The Bad Boys Betrayal?

New love blossoms and old loves haunt you. Fathers return and Fathers join forces. Secrets are made and Secrets are told. But most importantly. Betrayal is made. 

*A/N: Hi everyone! The sequel of The Bad Boys Girls is finally here!! I'm so excited to continue this journey with you all.  This book wont be edited until it is completed and the updates will probably be very slow. But i hope you enjoy The Bad Boys Betrayal.*

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It doesn't matter if they are short or not just make sure you post and dont leave us hanging xx
Kelly_Abby Kelly_Abby Oct 04, 2016
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The emojis dont bother me that much tbh, but i really loved this chapter xxx