The Day She Met The Gang Leader  [DISCONTINUED]

The Day She Met The Gang Leader [DISCONTINUED]

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jess By trippindolls Updated Sep 26, 2017

New place, new home, new school, new faces, everything's new since her family moved to New York for her Dad's job promotion.

So since she's in a new place, she has to be in a new school. She felt like the history of her parents repeated ever since she met the bad boy of the school A.K.A. The leader of the gang called 'Las Serpientes'.

Meet, Maddison Guilenski (Maddi). She is a street fighter/ a badass, and she is known as 'Leo' in street fighting. She also doesn't want people to know the she's a street fighter. She became a street fighter since she was 15 and now she's 17 years old. She came from a rich family. She's the type of girl that if you're nice to her, she's the loveliest person you'd know but if you do the opposite thing to her, she's not gonna hesitate to put her fist up your ass.

The bad boy of the school/ gang leader, meet Jackson (Jack) Reid. Jack is 17 years old. He's pretty much a player, all the girls is all about him because of his pretty face, perfect jawline, 6 pack abs, and probably a really on fleek guy. Since he's a player, he always gets the girls to hook up with him.

Maddi and Jack met in a very wrong way. What do u think will happen to them?
Will they be full of hatred against each other?
Or will they be in love with each other?

I guess you have to read the book if you wanna find out what happens, and whatever happens at the end.


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Honestly was about to comment on how weird and dirty other fandoms could get but remember I’m in the 1D fandom and literally we’re the dirtiest most crazy and weird people you will meet and insane but I love my fandom LLN (laughing like Niall)
BabyG-ArialR BabyG-ArialR Aug 16, 2017
Haha funny. Harper was Selena Gomez's best friend when she played Alex Russo in The Wizards of Waverly Place lol