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Cupcakes, Ponies and Tea Parties  - Zane~Chan FF

Cupcakes, Ponies and Tea Parties - Zane~Chan FF

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KT KitKat By Kitkat828 Updated 4 days ago

Aphmau has known Zanes secret, about him loving sweets and ponies. But what if Kawaii~Chan found out??? What would she think? What about Zane? 

Kawaii~Chan thinks Zane is weird. She thinks he is rude and cold hearted, she never knew why Aphmau always liked to hang out with him. 

Same for Zane, he always thought Kawaii~Chan was annoying. With her high pitched voice and always over reacting. He thought she was so dramatic and too bubbly for him.

But what if Kawaii~Chan found Him and Aphmau having a tea party? Would she think he is more weird? Or would think that he is just like her?
Same for Zane, would he think more or less of Kawaii~Chan??? 

"My little horsies! My little horsies... ah ah ah ah" 

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Cover made by TheFreakyDrawer on deviant art 

Started September 15th 2016 

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Just imagine Kawaii~Chan hearing My Little Horsies from her job and runs like sonic to just see the episode
When are they going to get married zane chan ship needs to sail
KitTheKawaiiGirl KitTheKawaiiGirl Sep 04, 2016
If it's Zane Chan then why is there a ZANEMAU pic 
                              WHO THE HELL ARE YOU 
                              YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER!!
Anime4Life1229 Anime4Life1229 Sep 19, 2016
Cmon Kitty Hurry up and update I know u are ur right next to me
Kitkat828 Kitkat828 Sep 04, 2016
BC this chapter Zane and Kawaii chan didn't hang out. It was Zane and Aphmau playing with their my little Horsies having a tea party 😃