Take Me Away (BoyxBoy)(#Wattys2015)

Take Me Away (BoyxBoy)(#Wattys2015)

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There's no hint of light at the end of the tunnel and he's been so hurt for so long. 

In Ares' mind, personal demons lurk urging him to end it.

End the beating he gets from his abusive parents.

End the the bitter flashes of memories of his dead best friend Mason.

End his futile attempts at living.

Everyday life for him is a part of this nightmare that just keeps repeating itself, with his psychotic mind taking over him without warning.

Giving up seems to be Ares' only option as of this moment. 

To end it all once and for all, to get rid of these demons tormenting him day in and day out.

He tried to end it, but in that too, he failed.

Now inside the walls of a psychiatric hospital where he was expected to find himself and get better, he found him. Alex, a young doctor, gave Ares a reason to stay, to live. 

Will Alex save him? Will Ares let him?
#315 in Teen Fiction 4-14-16

twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
Is Isaiah his brother or old lover cause from what I remember it was brother
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
All I'm hearing is thing this, thing that. Like why don't you look to identify what's being placed on you?
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
It should be reworded into "wondering how he knew I almost cut my vein"
Grace_ShadowWolf Grace_ShadowWolf Aug 08, 2016
This is not Lucius 2. I have to remember that. That hospital reminds me so much of the game, Lucius and Lucius 2, because that was the exact hospital in the game! XD
tinglesandtwerks tinglesandtwerks Apr 05, 2016
Don't repeat floor it just makes the sentence redundant and it sound dumb.
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
Okay so if he doesn't cut because of Isaiah, why does he then?