Lesbian Smutty Oneshot Requests

Lesbian Smutty Oneshot Requests

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Queen Kitty By Shy_Bug Updated Dec 10, 2017

Taste what turns on other people, let your senses wash over with stories between real life people and friends or celebrities, between fictional and real worlds there is little to separate the two. 
Let me mix them together for you


Requests are closed, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy what others have asked for.


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LesMichh LesMichh Jun 22, 2017
Michelle and Carmen 
                              Michelle is petty but nice 
                              Carmen is athletic and popular
                              Public bathroom and hotel room
                              Carmen seduces michelle into being bisexual and they make out in the bathroom  then go to carmens hotel room
                              Any kinks but no toys 
shawnspuppy shawnspuppy Apr 16, 2017
michelle and alex michelle sub alex dom in a hotel room for there 1 year anniversary vibratory hand cuffs etc not dedicated
I_Desire_DJ I_Desire_DJ Jun 07, 2017
Shaniqua and @_ShyBooks_
                               Shy is shy and joyful Shaniqua is generous and cool 
                              Dorm room
                              Every time when she gets naked in front of Shaniqua Shaniqua gets turned on low key but is afraid to tell shy until she finds out her dark side 
                              Vibrators, hair pulling, spanking and choking 
                              Anything ;)
_ShyBooks_ _ShyBooks_ Jun 07, 2017
Hey there Queen Kitty. I cant Pm u. Everytime I try it says 1131
BambiCovert5 BambiCovert5 Mar 16, 2017
Demi &Me setting the mall nice sweet funny and I love to sing
ilovebeebosfivehead ilovebeebosfivehead Jun 05, 2017
Jess and Debby
                              Jess is sassy and dominant Debby is innocent and sweet
                              A park (people there)
                              Whatever you want
                              Strap on, vibrators, handcuffs, gags
                              Sure I guess