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Just A Sickness (Aaron's Adoptive Sister)

Just A Sickness (Aaron's Adoptive Sister)

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☀️Summer☀️ By TheGirlOfFanfics Completed


Y/N L/N, a teenager who starts her first year of high school in a month gets adopted by a lovely family. Everything was fine until was day Y/N was hanging out with friends and began coughing uncontrollably. Once she returned home she slept, then got rushed to the hospital. They thought it was just the old Food Poisoning, but turns out to be an illness the doctors don't even know anything about. This illness effects almost everything Y/N can do. She no longer feels 'Normal'. It all changes soon enough for the young girl. 

Go ahead and read, find out how and maybe why she has her illness and if she'll ever recover..


Started: Sept, 3rd, 2016 (EDITED CHAPTER 1-5 ON JAN, 7TH, 2017)
Ended: --- , --, ----

I'm sweating right now because I turned my fan off before I got into, now my cats asleep and I don't want to wake her up..
I thought it literally meant that my real mom died between the pillows.. I need sleel
Aphmau890123 Aphmau890123 Nov 13, 2016
Hey we are not complete annoyances all the time Aaron actually big brothers can be very annoying (mine goes out of his way to annoy me)
JustARandomMeifwa JustARandomMeifwa Sep 09, 2016
omi, I found this just in time for the chapter XD i found this about 15 min ago in my recomended X3 lil
oXSXo_ oXSXo_ Sep 13, 2016
Lol,I was waiting for you to post this book. By the way I loved it♥