cold water ° bella swan {1} {slow updates}

cold water ° bella swan {1} {slow updates}

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Jocelyn Cullen previously Jocelyn Lane was the newest vampire to the Cullen Clan.

Turned because she was valuable, she was valuable because she was the most powerful witch there ever was or will be, she was turned by the Volturi more specifically Aro.

Now she's a Hybrid, a vampire witch hybrid. 

Carlisle took her in when he left the Volturi. In the Cullen/Hale family she's considered the youngest, to the humans that is.

Everyone in Jocelyn's new family but Edward had their mate, Carlisle had Esme, Alice had Jasper, Rosalie had Emmett, Jocelyn had no one.

That is till she meets a certain brown eyed girl and her twin sister came into the picture.

Bella and Delilah Swan.

book one of Jocelyn Cullen series
Bella Swan (twilight and new moon)
cover by @voidjasper

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