The Photographer. Nightwing X Reader

The Photographer. Nightwing X Reader

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❀ ƇαмιƖƖє ❀/Nᴏᴏᴅʟᴇs By Goddess_Of_Narwhals Completed

I will be putting she and her in the story so just go with it. I don't own the cover photo.

Warnings ⚠️- Abuse

Other warning: This is shitty, like it sucks a lot

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NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Oct 31, 2017
Honestlly how can a father abuse their child for 20 years? And even if it was less, she is an adult and even if she didn't move out for one resone or an other, someone her age should be resposable enough to tell someone and not suffer like this
KaylaSnow825 KaylaSnow825 May 31, 2017
Y/N: Eclipse
                              L/N: Dragon Bound
                              H/C: Ginger
                              H/L: Waist height
                              E/C: Ice Blue
                              F/A: Fox
                              S/N: Swift
KydWykkydIsLifeXD KydWykkydIsLifeXD Jun 15, 2017
....if I'm 20 why don't I get a job and leave....? Not tryin to sound douchey, but it seems almost unrealistic.... Still liking the story though!
Katequinn108 Katequinn108 Nov 22, 2017
                              Left side red right side blue 
                              Panda or dog
EmmaLemmaLlamma EmmaLemmaLlamma Sep 27, 2016
@camcamz203 I saw your message and yes, I do like lynx's.
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