My cover shop [Free Covers]

My cover shop [Free Covers]

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Britt xp By Tinybrat10 Updated Sep 04

Request a cover!! :3 pm or comment!! 

What fandom I do Pokemon/Anime/SVTFOE/Sonic/ Disney :3

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Title: Y and C forever
                              Description: Yancy and Christian(Candy) are best friends entering their final year of high school.
                              Characters: Yancy and Christian(just find some decent teenager art. Thx.)
                              Mood: Light
                              Affect: dreamy
                              Thank you in advance!
HQ_Amour HQ_Amour Aug 21
@Tinybrat10 I'm wondering if you do profile pictures cause that would be great! I'm bad at it so I'm trying to see if you can make one for me. It's okay if you don't. I'm just asking.
AceZackary AceZackary Mar 26
Title: Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon
                              Characters: Ash Ketchum and Lillie (From Pokémon Sun and Moon)
                              Backround: Tropical Alola
                              Summary: What if Ash didn't go to school? What if he challenged the island challenges? Then there will be action! 
                              Mood/Theme: Tropical
                              Affect: Gimmering.
FireTom77 FireTom77 Jun 07
My "story", is just a book of inspiring quotes, I wanted an Awsome looking dragon on it with these words "Fairy Tails Do Not Tell Children That Dragons Exist. Children already Know That Dragons Exist. Fariy Tales Tell Children That Dragons Can Be Killed.
GraalianAnimes GraalianAnimes Dec 14, 2016
Title: 3 Sentence Entries
                              Character: Guren Ichinose (Anime Version from Owari no Seraph)
                              Background: Dark Brick Wall
                              Theme: Sad and Dark
                              A white glow near where his heart should be if that's not too much to ask for
                              I appreciate your effort, thank you!
GalaXySuperStar GalaXySuperStar Dec 28, 2016
Title:Ask Or Dare Team Crafted
                              Character(s):Team Crafted And SetoSorserer
                              Others:Sky's BUDDER! In The Middle