My cover shop [Free Covers]

My cover shop [Free Covers]

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Derpy By Tinybrat10 Updated Nov 28

Request a cover!! :3 pm or comment!! 

What fandom I do Pokemon/Anime/SVTFOE/Sonic/ Disney :3

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Btw how did you add more than one color in your font? I've never been able to figure that out. You use phonto right?
trash421 trash421 Sep 14
lemonslemonslemonslemons when you pastes your last thing you copy
I'm sorry if I'm asking so many times you make amazing covers! 
                              Title: Remember Me Kalos Queen?
                              Characters: Ash (sad) and Serena (faded in the background a little) 
                              Background: something dream like and pretty
                              Theme: light and dream like, Majestic 
                              Thanks so much!!! ^.^
tfreitag tfreitag Sep 27
Title: SOUL
                              Characters: Alain, Ash, Green, Red, Mairin, and Serena.
                              Also could you put Lysander in the middle?
                              Background: Something evilish–like evil colors.
                              Thanks Britt!!! >•<
Hey could you make a cover for my sequel story. It's called rebellion love.
                              Calem, Serena, Ash and White
                              Maybe a black and white background? Thanks in advance!
Can you make me a cover
                              Title: Saving the Kalos Queen 
                              Characters: Lysandre, team flare, Serena tied up, and Ash.
                              Background something dark
                              Theme: Dark and Mysterious 
                              If possible could you add flames? 
                              Thanks so much.