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LeoPika and KilluGon Continuation 

'Touch' is the Everlasting marriage love story of Leopika and Killugon, their stories continuing from the first two books, Got me in Chains and Eletric Charge. Gon and Killua move to Yorknew City, reacquintaed with Leorio and Kurapika once again. Everything is hard on Gon since Kilo is inside of him, having mood swings, cravings, and sicknesses like Kurapika did when he was pregnant. They live next to each other, but occasionally come over for dinner to be a happy family. On the other hand, Leorio returns to work at his hospitals for most hours of the day, leaving Kurapika home with the children. Although, Luca starts daycare and meets a boy who is his best friend. 


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Wait I just thought of something how did kirapicka produce the milk for the baby 🤔
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Plot twist
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