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Manamejeff By dogscatsyeah Updated Sep 20, 2017

"RONI!" Nessa shouted as my eyes shot open while I fell off my bed. I simply replied with a "What", and pushed my self off of the floor. I sat back down on my bed and rubbed my eyes, while waiting for Nessa to continue.

"Nessa, what?" I must've snapped her back into reality because her face instantly lit up. "Guess who is coming to our school!" She said, excitedly. "Who?"


"No, Nessa, just tell me."

"CAMERON DALLAS" My eyes widened as I heard his name. 

"Cameron Dallas?" I replied, clearly confused.

"YES!! CAMERON DALLAS!! Not exactly Christiano Ronaldo, but not bad!"

"Cool" I replied, too tired to care anymore.

"Do you know how I know?"


"Well, Devan texted me saying that he was coming, and Devan knows, because he knows everything."

"Well... He didn't tell me, why didn't he tell me?"

"Because... I don't know!"

"Nessa, you're so oblivious."


"Of course I know why he didn't tell me."


"He tells you everything because he likes you."

"He does?"


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Agustd_dabbing Agustd_dabbing Aug 05, 2017
Ayeeeeeeeee!!! Friend zoned. Don't worry, I friend zoned a lot of annoying boys in my class😂 they always come to me or any other gurls saying,"ik u like ___" and I'm here like,"YO! MA LITTLE BROTHER!!! WAIT! YA SISTERS HAS CRUSH ON IDOLS NOT ON MY BROTHERS😂 Pfft. Y'all are ugly as hell "
rivermerrell rivermerrell Oct 03, 2016
I like how in the beginning the whole time she was on the floor 😂
ybshdrk ybshdrk Dec 30, 2016
Why are they moving in with Dolan twins aren't strangers to each others😂 or are they like close friends