Phantomus Dragonificus (HP x DP Crossover)

Phantomus Dragonificus (HP x DP Crossover)

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Someone Special (?) By sparklydog9 Updated 11 hours ago

Danny never meant to touch the silver stone.

Truly! He didn't!

He also never meant to turn into a giant, sky-scraper sized lizard with wings after touching said stone.

So, here he was: a giant dragon in the center of amity park with people screaming and shouting at him as the sun glistened off his silver and black scales..

Hello everyone! Here's the HP x DP story I promised a while ago. Many thanks to wonderwild for being my real-life reader and suggesting the title of the story, which will be explained later.
Dun copy meh work. I will find out. -.- ART WORK IS NOT MINE! ENJOY!

sparklydog9 sparklydog9 Sep 05
*screams* I did it on the computer and there are still grammar and word errors!