Hometown Love

Hometown Love

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"You grew up better than I imagined." The guy said to me and smirked. His eyes travelled the whole lenght of my body and rested on my chest, making me completely self-conscious and kind of pissed off. Sure, he was a potential helper but this wasn't a reason for him to look at me like I'm eatable. 
"Would you care look me in the eyes?" I asked in irritation and he seemed to be enjoying the situation.             
"Pleasantly." He answered in a flirtatious tone and I rolled my eyes. Then as he lifted his hand to his face and took his glasses off, my suspicions were confirmed. I immediately knew why he looked so familiar.           
It just took me a look in the eyes and I knew. Here in front of me was standing the greatest player Shelbyville has ever had. It was Brody Collins himself.   


 Thea Jones is a young published author and after a weird break up with her boyfriend, she decides to go back home. What she didn't expect was that coming home would be much more than just a free time out of the big city. Between old friends and past history, she realizes everyone can change, even Brody Collins, her brother's best friend and player of town. And together, they might just figure out love can come from anywhere at any time. But would that be enough to keep them together?

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Skyla_Carter Skyla_Carter Feb 18, 2015
Oh h*ll no. You just earned yourself a one-way ticket to "Kiss my *ss, I'm out of here-vile.