WithOut You | *REWRITTING*

WithOut You | *REWRITTING*

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˗ˏˋMiss Riahˎˊ˗ By XxRiah916Xx Completed


I gasped as I was suddenly pushed up against the wall roughly, his hand slithering up gripping my neck, gripping it tightly. I glared up at him through watery eyes.

"What do you think you're doing?!" I said through gritted teeth.

He rest his other arm on the door beside my head, while using his thumb to turn my face opposite of him. Leaning down, his lips brushed against my ear causing me to shiver and squirm in my place against the wall.

"What does it look like?" A slow smirk forms on his face, the sunlight heightening his features. "I'm giving you a reason as to why I chose you."


  Taylor really wasn't too fond of boys and their human nature. Shocking? I know. Girls are usually all over boys, yearning for their attention, and just wanting to be loved but not this girl, if it was the end of the world and she was stuck with a said boy she wouldn't even dare try and be near him. Boys have this little game they like to play inside their heads, they love to play with girl's feelings or just want them for something and it always ends with the girl either heartbroken or just being plain used. And Taylor herself learned that the hard way.

  So, she doesn't give them one minute of her time or even a single glance. Vice Versa. That all vanishes when she meets a man that's too good to be true, one who's suddenly interested in her and only her; or so she thought.

One Club Night Out. One Dance. And One Coincidence Meeting.

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its-mione its-mione Jul 03, 2017
I know you asked me to read this a while ago and I hope it's not too late but I'm ready to check out your book <3
Dustin_thegirl Dustin_thegirl Apr 11, 2017
U might remember me! This book is really good so far...I just decided to comment on the Authors Note 😊
EverdeenWinter EverdeenWinter Mar 18, 2017
The river flows in you... 💧💦💧💧💧💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💧💧💧💦💧💦💧💦
- - Mar 15, 2017
I love the cover, it's very creative. Give a shot out to the one responsible for me(:
sonalismall sonalismall Jul 01, 2017
I respect u bitches behaving like they don't have a brain to think of their own ideas
espresso_writes espresso_writes Sep 18, 2017
this book has already provided oxygen to my lungs. just this sentence. :'))))