PRETTY GIRLS (Lisa and Lena)

PRETTY GIRLS (Lisa and Lena)

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damn By daddyIena Updated Mar 16

"Why do you do this to me?"
"Because I like you".


"I don't know if I can't trust you".
"Please don't leave me".

BallisLife115 BallisLife115 Sep 08, 2016
Love your user cause lena ins bæ XD. Anyway you gots to update bruh. XP
BallisLife115 BallisLife115 Sep 13, 2016
Gonna be honest here. I keep reading that chapter over again hoping I'll finish and there will be a keep readin button. XD
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Sep 03, 2016
Please write this story!!!!!! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!!!! :) ;) - Munro McLaren @daddylena
woahmija woahmija Sep 30, 2016
This is literally awesome but I can't think of Lisa or Lena being bullies they're just too pure 😂
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Sep 12, 2016
Why isn't anybody helping Katie?! Didn't any of the other kids see what happened?! Didn't any teachers see what happened?! Like WTF?! - Munro McLaren @daddyIena
                              Please answer back!!!!!! :)
Itz_Just_Murphy Itz_Just_Murphy Sep 22, 2016
none of them gay, they're perfect the way they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!