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Pretending to be Gay *~A Korean Romance Drama~* [Completed]

Pretending to be Gay *~A Korean Romance Drama~* [Completed]

251K Reads 3.8K Votes 30 Part Story
Stephanie By asianchick159 Completed

(Even though this is a kdrama, it is written in english)

What if your gay best friend isn't really gay? For Clifton High School's man-hater, Mayu Opp, she's never asked herself that. But as for Joel Kim, her "gay" best friend, there's a whole other story. Joel is actually pretending to be gay just so he can be close to Mayu. But when love and jealousy are mixed, will Joel be able to keep hiding his love for Mayu or will the truth spill out? 

**NOTE: This is NOT a knock off of Personal Taste (the Korean Drama) because I have not seen it. Honest to God. I came up with this idea before I even heard of Personal Taste.  These two stories are completely different. The only thing that's similar is that the main guys are pretending to be gay. That's it.

SparklyGlowingAngel SparklyGlowingAngel Apr 02, 2016
                              "too bad i have to be gay" DuDe
ohn101 ohn101 Apr 04, 2016
Even the pics are of Koreans....why does personal taste come into my mind....EVERYBODYWATH ' PERSONAL TASTE!!!!!! And please check out my story 'Just Fate' about a poor girl who joins a school full of rich kids..How will she get along with them? or will she get along with them?
-ntaehyung -ntaehyung Oct 13, 2015
omg its jinyoung !!! joel is freaking jinyoung aadsfaydjff bae
Lifesadragok Lifesadragok Sep 10, 2015
no ya don't she reserved *sprays disinfectant spray over him*
Lifesadragok Lifesadragok Sep 10, 2015
well that's most guys nowadays like if you find a guy who actually won't throw you away like trash and all I'm gonna say I envy you and your so lucky
Lifesadragok Lifesadragok Sep 10, 2015
and this is the moment were she slaps you im gonna laugh if I got the prediction right