Sister In The Cellar

Sister In The Cellar

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Alpha_Wolf By MeganT6706 Completed

The noises from the basement had been a thing from her childhood but in recent weeks they've been coming back.

The stories of a broken boiler don't seem so believable now that Cass is fifteen. The sounds are to humanoid to be just a malfunctioning boiler. 

One particular eerie night the noises move upstairs. 

As Cass carries out an investigation more questions are presented than answers and it's time for her parents to confess.

Okay, couple errors here. "But they had rules that was imperative I didn't break."
                              It would be were. Because you are speaking about plurals.
                              "I wasn't aloud."
                              It's "I wasn't allowed."
NEVER stay alone in a freaking creepy house... HAVE YOU NOT SEEN ANY HORROR MOVIES BEFORE WOMAN!!!!
tiajasx tiajasx Sep 18
this is so good! you have a really great way of drawing the reader in :) x
No way I'd let anybody leave me alone in that creepy ass house
Very interesting plot! 
                              It just needs a touch up on some grammar and misspellings. :)
                              I'm interested to find out what happens; it's very eerie.
2iierra 2iierra Oct 10
This story seems really good. There are a few spelling and grammatical errors, but other than that, it's great. :)