Just Love - ChanBaek•BaekYeol

Just Love - ChanBaek•BaekYeol

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Byun Baekhyun is a young adult who has depression do to his mother not being there for him more then half of his life, letting his rapist of a father take 'care' of him. This depression lead Baekhyun to having an intense eating disorder; Bulimia.

Baekhyun wanted to fall in love , but he was still quite scared of making that step. After all, Baekhyun wanted to make a family one day. He wanted to have kids some day, but he wondered if the day would ever come. And maybe his questions were all answered one day when he met a rich, fellow doctor named Park Chanyeol.


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jokersdaughter2 jokersdaughter2 4 days ago
You guys are all so skinny, im 13, 160cm, and i weigh 49 kg. You guys need to eat more!
I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I can't help but say, "You never walk alone."
porkchanyur porkchanyur 4 days ago
Bruh I'm 45, 12kg below, and I'm like 5'3 what you on about?
CheamyCreamy CheamyCreamy 4 days ago
Wow. Never felt my self-esteem become lower then now. I'm 4'10 and 50kg...
YoDa wHerE y0u aT bOi. and same tho except i don't want to ever love again.
mypearlB mypearlB 4 days ago
He's bulimic and although I'm not anorexic at all, my weight drops and goes up randomly. I'd be 36 kg this month and then the next, I'd be 38 but after roughly two weeks, I'll go back down to 36 and the fact that I'm 16 but my height is only 142 cm