larry smut

larry smut

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daddy By larryisrealasfok Updated Nov 06

just a load of larry smut ;)

most stories are from ao3 or tumblr

WARNING - some stories aren't exactly 'legal' or 'right' so if you don't like it, don't read it :)

I have seen a lot of these father and 12 or 13 year old son things do people really like these
im so filthy, readin father son smut there. OH WELL.  v(-_-)v
freshforever101 freshforever101 a day ago
How could eleanor give birth to harry when Louis has blue eyes and eleanor has brown eyes
Like when I read these I feel awkward AF and I know people are like ‘dont read it then lol’ but this is rape?? Like, not consensual?? And I know people r like ‘but he wanted it!!1!1!!’ he prolly doesn't rly know what sex is??? Idk rant over
God, I love this author for using globes of Harry's ass and small walnut sized ball. 😭☺️😍
Where did the shy and nervous Louis go? Now, it's confident and kinky Louis. 😏😉