That's So Gay (boyxboy)

That's So Gay (boyxboy)

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◉‿◉ By admissable Updated Nov 29

Parker Ellis is in love with a boy.

But that's not the problem. 

The problem is, not only is Parker deep inside the closet, the boy he's in love with just happens to be his best friend's boyfriend, Gabriel Martinez.

VirulentMinds VirulentMinds 2 days ago
The book is written so well, it was amazing! I really loved it! Specially the details you give are amazing. I don't read boyxboy but I'll surely read this because it's so well written.
VirulentMinds VirulentMinds 2 days ago
Finally someone used the scientific term for kissing. Thank you
I was going to say something against him but I would be insulting myself as well let's be real
sofab1012 sofab1012 6 days ago
So far great story! I just hope my mom never finds out i read these things. Nice way to start the story!
Malvika_Jha Malvika_Jha 5 days ago
I find a lot of boyxboy stories sad because most of the time, the main character thinks the guy they like is straight, but I still think they're really cute! Parker looks like a really sweet character and I can't wait to see what happens between him and Gabe. Very well written, I love it c:
Anorafox Anorafox 3 days ago
This is incredibly well written and while I don't generally read boy x boy stories I'm honestly interested in reading more. You have a way of capturing the reader and making them really care about the characters. Amazing first chapter.