A Werewolf Fairytale

A Werewolf Fairytale

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A. L. Winter By AmythestWinter Updated Nov 12

"God, you are so blind!" I snap, throwing up my hands as he watches me. "I never liked you, never, not in a million years. Can't you see that?!"

David's eyes darken, approaching me as of some predator as my nerves kick into overload. "You're going to regret every damn word you just said."

My skin pales as he leaps forward, as if some crazed animal. I'm frozen in fear, my oft trembling as my body has a mind of it's own. Right away I try and fight back, only to be pinned onto the floor. 

"You will lov-

His eyes roll to the back of his head, his body falling limp upon mine as I see the blood coming from his neck. 

I scream, scrambling with every muscle I have left to push the body off of my own. My hands covered in his blood and my body shaking out of control, I look around for whoever just slit open David's throat. 

"Why so scared?" The voice calls out, causing my eyes scan the shadows scarcely, once again afraid for my life. "After all, I did help you out of that 'situation,'" the male speaks, his voice sending shivers up and down my spin at a rate I cannot control. 

"Who are you?" I ask, my eyes watering as I spot the dead body of a boy I knew for ten years. "What do you want?"

"It's not what I want," the male replies, causing my chest to fall and rise at an unnatural speed. "It's what he wants."

"He?" I ask, finding the pair of gray eyes lurking in the shadows. "Who is 'he?'"

He chuckles. "He, Miss Shannon, is someone who has been watching you...for a very long time."

My skin pales to the color of snow, goosebumps covering my skin as the fear kicks in to the max. "And he has waited long enough."

In her head:
                              Oh god no please don't draw a dick no please not a dick nor the word 'whore'
You know, you only just slit a innocent's throat. It's not like he tried to rape her or anything; sure he was being threatening but... um.. I don't think you understand what being 'dead' means.
Can't wait for a new chapter. This book already has me hooked. And, um, I already ship it.
mnknmnkn mnknmnkn Nov 23
If she can act like that, why can't she stand up for herself against Candice
OHhHHHh shits bout to go down cause this was in the description