Ink That Binds Us

Ink That Binds Us

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***BOOK ONE***

He wore dark blue denim jeans, a leather jacket that showed a gold Sun on the back. His hair as black as his coffee, and his eyes were the blue of a stormy sea. And all he wanted was peace. 

       She wore black ripped jeans, a leather jacket that showed a blue Moon on the back. Her hair as long as the story she had to tell. Her eyes were the gray of the clouds. And all she wanted was to let it rain. 

       Okay. Maybe that's a little more dramatic than the actual story. She was a girl with problems that he just seemed to solve. And he was a boy that wanted free from boredom. Both wanted release from being the intimidating and feared. And they found that in each other.

      Friendship can change a person. And one year is just enough time to build that. This is not a story about to bad kids who fall in love. This is a story about to bad kids who have been conditioned to be alone, but are no longer fond of being lonely. So what do they do? 

      Well they bind themselves with ink.

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desolateddreams desolateddreams Oct 10, 2016
Wow, I love how well you describe everything. We get to learn so much more about Catrina as a character, and it's amazingly descriptive! I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, and I definitely see myself reading on and on go find out what happens. Good work!
desolateddreams desolateddreams Oct 10, 2016
Amazing, intriguing first chapter. It's left me wanting to read more and more and find out more about the characters. The writing is beautifully written, with the exception of a few switches in tenses. Very descriptive!