Only In Fairytales || l.jn

Only In Fairytales || l.jn

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Cover by @loverenjun

I was in my own little fairytale and he was my prince, but I thought every fairytale would end happily?

Shinhye never saw it coming. She wanted to live a simple life, but when her friends convinced her to audition for a company, she did. And it changed her life. 
She didn't think that she would make it that far, until the day she was packing and was about to move into a dorm with people, she never met. To make it even better, it wasn't even girls.

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kkpop_kpopp kkpop_kpopp May 11
Okay who would just walk up to someone and say
                              “I hope I don’t debut with u cuz blah blah blah”
flowerich flowerich 3 days ago
im shook @kylshaa @leefuckingtaeyong be proud guys. be proud. HAHAHHAHHAHAH
My friend told me she was gonna audition for the US one but then she forgot lmao
jisungology jisungology Jun 29, 2017
I remember when I auditioned for SM in the monthly USA audition :(( I didn't pass tho
QueenYeriSlay QueenYeriSlay Jul 28, 2017
Wait. What if she's on her period? The boys better steer clear when she is 😂😂