Aphmau RolePlay Book

Aphmau RolePlay Book

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Have Fun! There's No Rules So Anything Is Aloud In This Book! Just Have Fun And Roleplay! Also No Form Is Needed!


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                              Name: Alana Zvahl
                              Age: Same as Aph 
                              Gender: Female
                              Crush: Garroth
                              Looks: Looks like Laur, but ish a girl with lighter skin
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Other: Likes to hang out with Lucinda
(Crush is still Aphmau)
                              Panda sighs. "This again?" He walks to to them and catches Katelyn's fist. "Kate, that isn't very nice."
- - Jun 25
Chris watches a litter before Joy ran over, her long white hair blowing in the wind. Chris sighed but kept his distance
Belledoesrp Belledoesrp Mar 29
Name: Belle
                              Looks: @Bellethefox's profile picture (but without the Santa hat)
                              Personality: socially awkward, nice, weird
                              Belle awkwardly picks up Kawaii Chan and runs. "What in the name of Irene did you do?"
(My OC looks like my profile pic and you don't have to rp with me if you don't have the time!)
                              Midnight was walking around when she saw two girls running and one trip. She was hesitant, but she ran over helped her up "U-Um A-Are you ok?" She stammered
(Natalie/Female/Crush: Open (i shall decide later, but she is Bi, but like 80F-20M ratio)/Often analizes unimportant things and loses focus easily.)
                              Natalie runs over. "Are you okay?" She notices KC's ears. "Are you a Neko or a Meifwa?" She asks, totally losing sight of what just happened.