Aphmau RolePlay Book

Aphmau RolePlay Book

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M E O W ~ ! By Princess_KawaiiChan Updated Aug 07

Have Fun! There's No Rules So Anything Is Aloud In This Book! Just Have Fun And Roleplay! Also No Form Is Needed!


#707 In Action

                              Name: Alana Zvahl
                              Age: Same as Aph 
                              Gender: Female
                              Crush: Garroth
                              Looks: Looks like Laur, but ish a girl with lighter skin
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Other: Likes to hang out with Lucinda
(Crush is still Aphmau)
                              Panda sighs. "This again?" He walks to to them and catches Katelyn's fist. "Kate, that isn't very nice."
Chris watches a litter before Joy ran over, her long white hair blowing in the wind. Chris sighed but kept his distance
Belledoesrp Belledoesrp Mar 29
Name: Belle
                              Looks: @Bellethefox's profile picture (but without the Santa hat)
                              Personality: socially awkward, nice, weird
                              Belle awkwardly picks up Kawaii Chan and runs. "What in the name of Irene did you do?"
(Natalie/Female/Crush: Open (i shall decide later, but she is Bi, but like 80F-20M ratio)/Often analizes unimportant things and loses focus easily.)
                              Natalie runs over. "Are you okay?" She notices KC's ears. "Are you a Neko or a Meifwa?" She asks, totally losing sight of what just happened.
Name: Lila
                              Personality: quiet, antisocial, nice, likes to draw.
                              Is Kawaii Chan's friend)
                              Lila saw Kawaii Chan fall and hesitantly walks over to her and helps her.